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Intelligent Strength Conditioning


8:15 am

A class dedicated to muscular strength through strategic force application. Free weights, tubing, weighted bars, fusion balls, stability balls, and balance pads are among the props employed in this practice.

Participation: All levels

Vignette Yoga


9:00 am

Subtleties of the breath and body are explored through a mindful hatha yoga practice focusing on muscular awareness, strength, and balance. Sequences include flowing between two or three poses at a time.

Participation: All levels. Contact Suzanne prior to first session.

Yoga Nidra

Check monthly calendar

Deep guided relaxation. Participation: All levels.

Circuit Training


9:00 am

A weighted circuit training class. Free weights, TRX, stability balls, and body weight are among the props used in this fast paced class.

Participation: Attendees are required to have previously met with Suzanne for evaluation.

Yoga for a Healthy Back


10:30 am

A class focusing on improving back health by building lower body and core strength and awareness. Yoga postures, meditation, and breath practices are among the tools used in the class.

Participation: All levels

Evening Flow Yoga


5:30 pm

A flowing yoga practice dedicated to releasing the physical and mental tensions of the day. Classic sun salutations with gentle modifications. The class is suitable for beginning or seasoned practitioners.

Participation: All levels

Morning Flow Yoga and Meditation


8:00 am

A 30 minute flowing yoga practice followed by 15 minutes of meditation.

Participation: Contact Suzanne prior to first session.

Focused Balance


9:15 am

A class devoted to core and lower body strength. Balance pads, weighted bars, BOSUs, stability balls are among the props used in this format.

Participation: All levels

Yogic Strength


9:30 am

A flowing yoga practice including classic sun salutations with the addition of free weights, tubing, or other props.

Participation: Contact Suzanne prior to first session.


Occasional Saturdays

10:00 am

Class description

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